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ADX + and ADX -

I am slightly color blind and when I plot the ADX + and ADX - on a chart, the lines look very similar due to the color similarity. It is difficult to interpret and distinguish between them especially if they are close together and crossing several times. Even with changing the main ADX line color, it seems like this is the case. Is there a way to color the ADX + and ADX-individually with a larger contrast in color?


  • It seems if you choose a color for the indicator, that choice decides the color combination for all three lines. It appears you can't choose your own combination.

    However, in the chart attributes section, under Color Scheme, there is an option for "Color Vision Impaired". I don't know if that would help. If you choose that, and then choose a color for the indicator, you may find something that works for you.

    Other possible options to increase readability, in addition to the above - increase the chart size and/or shorten the time period the chart covers (although I don't know if increased size helps with color blindness).

    Another possibility for those times when the lines get tangled is to use the start/end option under "range", set the end date for the beginning of the area you want to inspect, then step through bar by bar and check the reading in the upper left corner for crossovers.

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