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How to scan for daily or weekly volume in excess of X% of outstanding shares

I'm looking for how to scan for a stock trading > X% of outstanding shares. I'd like to find names which have traded a significant % of shares available on an upside breakout.
Does anyone have any ideas?



  • Apparently you cannot use either "outstanding shares" or "market cap" other than with comparison operators (like ">" and "<" ) and a constant, like 100 or 20000. So a statement like

    and [volume > outstanding shares * .4]

    doesn't parse. Neither does

    and [volume > [outstanding shares] * .4]

    or other variations that I could think of.

    On the other hand, if you scan for something like

    and [volume > sma(21,volume) * 5]

    in other words, five times average volume in a month, you would probably get a satisfactory result. That's a rare occurrence, and would probably be meaningful in a breakout pattern.
  • I think it would. Thank you for the idea! I tried variations of this too: and [volume > [outstanding shares] * .4]...'did not compute' !..
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