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Keltner Channel Discrepancy

When I scan using the scan builder drop down for Keltner Channels, it enters a Keltner Channel setting of 20,1.5,10 for my scan. So after seeing my scan results, I setup a chart by entering an overlay for the Keltner channel. However, the Keltner Channel setting default from the overlay is 20, 2, 10. I looked at the charts vrs the scan and was troubled with the discrepancies. Then I discovered that the defaults for both of these were different. One being 20,1.5,10 and the other 20, 2, 10. Why wouldn't they be the same?



  • I don't get the same result.

    On the Advanced Scan Page, in the Scan Builder section, when selecting from the Technical Indicators drop down,

    for "Upper Kelt Chan" I get:

    and [Upper Kelt Chan(20,2,10) < close]

    while for "Lower Kelt Chan" I get

    and [Lower Kelt Chan(20,2,10) > close]

    On the chart, when I select Keltner Channels from the Overlay drop down, I get 20, 2.0, 10.

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