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Scanning based on 'current' (intraday) prices

As I newbie, I might be asking silly questions.

Is it possible to build alerts/scans based on intraday prices? IF price < X, notify me - as the simplest example of what I am trying to achieve.

I was not able to find the answer, after *hours* of searching, since I consider this a basic 'feature', I indeed spend quite some time to look for an answer. I was not able to find anything.

Thank you!


  • You can run scans any time you want. But when you build a scan, your conditions can only reference data from daily, weekly and monthly time frames. So you cannot build a scan that looks for, say, MACD crossovers using hourly data.

    If you run a daily time frame scan during market hours, the latest data update, say, 1:32 eastern, is considered to be closing data. So, if you have an alert that looks for close greater than 32.10, and that happens between the prior update and the 1:32 update, you will be notified.

    More info here:

    and here:

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