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Edit setting on multiple charts simultaneously

Hi all, I'm new to the forums, looking for some help on an issue. Thanks in advance for your time.

I have hundreds of charts saved in a ChartList (multiple equities, different candle time frames) and occasionally I realize I need to make an aesthetic or functional change to all of them. I've gone through chart-by-chart a couple times now and it takes hours. If, for example, I would like to change the Overlayed Volume on all charts in a ChartList to NOT colored instead of colored red/green, is there any way to do this with just a few clicks? Thanks again.


  • First, if your subscription allows, I would recommend that you create multiple chart lists according to some organizing principle, some common quality or characteristic - maybe sectors, or trade types, or time frames, or something else according to how your own mind works, so that you can work with those symbols alone without disturbing the others.

    Next, I would recommend you create multiple chart styles, again if your subscription allows. On the chart workbench, modify a chart as you like, select "add new" and name the chart style. You can create any combination of time frames and indicators and overlays, and save each one. Then you can apply any chart style to any list using the "Apply Style to All" option at the bottom of the Chart Workbench page.

    If your subscription level does not allow these solutions, you would have to consider whether an upgrade is worth it, considering time spent doing what you are doing.
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