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scan for large cap stocks and ETFs


Can anyone help with writing a scan code looking for all large cap stocks and ETFs ? Thanks much. Andy


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2017
    You can handle both conditions from the drop downs on the advanced scan workbench page.

    For etfs, select the ETF type you want from the "Indexes and ETFs" drop down ( all or all except ultras and inverses) then click the insert button.

    For large cap stocks you have two choices.

    Select "SCTR.large" from the "Price, Volume and SCTRs" drop down, or, select "market cap" from the "Ticker Properties" drop down and edit the number for the cut-off level you want for large caps. The number is in millions, so >100 means greater than 100 million. has some guidelines for market cap categories.

    Note you will need to use an "or" statement, because large caps and ETFs are mutually exclusive categories. The trick with "or" statements is to isolate the group of alternatives with an "extra" set of brackets, like so:


    [ condition 1]


    [ condition 2 ]


    That format is mainly for clarity - it's not required. But it helps to make sure you did it correctly. Put the top and bottom brackets (the "extra" ones) in first, then write your "or" conditions inside them and it's more likely to come out right.

    If you don't have too many conditions, you can put them all on one line:

    [ [ condition 1] or [ condition 2] ]

  • Mark
    Thanks and I will try your suggestion and get back to you if there's further question.
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