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SCTR not returning correct results

Anyone know why this scan [type = stock] AND [SCTR >90] does not return the correct results? I keep getting SCTR numbers that are less than 90.


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    I get the same thing. I noticed all those < 90 are on the LSE and NSE exchanges.

    I don't know how Stockcharts sources their scan data vs. their display data, but it may be that those exchanges are open, while the scan was run against the prior close, so the SCTR has changed due to trading.

    I'm just guessing though. You should ask support. If you can, send them a screen print and let them know the time you ran the scan, and the scan text.
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    You need to first enter the group universe for the SCTR of interest. Try this:

    [type = stock]

    and [group is ETFNOUI] // designate a valid universe for SCTR type of interest. Only one universe can be used in each Scan Criteria scan. In this case the universe is ETF, non-inverted, no multiples. Or comment this ETF group out with two forward slashes // and select another group by removing the // delimiter slashes from the below list (only one group at a time). I listed most of the selections given in the "Indexes and ETFs" section of Scan Builder. There are a few more selections and maybe recognizes even more groups that I don't know about.

    //and [group is DJUA]
    //and [group is DOW30]
    //and [group is DOW65]
    //and [group is NASDAQ100]
    //and [group is SP500]
    //and [group is SP400]
    //and [group is SP600]
    //and [group is TSE300]
    //and [group is LSE]
    //and [group is NSE]
    //and [group is BTK]
    //and [group is CMR]
    //and [group is DRG]
    //and [group is NWX]
    //and [group is XAL]

    and [SCTR >90]
    rank by SCTR
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