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TSI crossover

Hi All,

Can you help me with a TSI crossover scan.

I checked the TSI signal in Stock Scans which is: and [Close > Daily eMA(50,Daily Close)]
and [TSI SIgnal(25,13,7) < TSI(25,13,7)]

I want to be able to scan when there is a crossover of the fast line over the slow line.

Thank you.



  • On the Advanced Scan Workbench, in the Scan Builder section. select and insert TSI and TSI Signal from the Technical Indicator drop down. They will appear at the bottom of your scan.

    Edit them onto one line, and put the cross above operator "x" between them, so you get

    and TSI(...) x TSI Signal(...).
  • when I put:

    and [TSI(25,13,7) > 0.0] x [TSI SIgnal(25,13,7) < TSI(25,13,7)]

    the syntax says it has to be a "and" or and "or"

    what am I missing?


  • You need to do more editing. Remove the extra operators (>, <) and what is to the right of them, and the extra brackets on either side of the "x" operator.
  • Jp,

    Try the following that I use

    Scan 22 - True Strength 4 7 MA 9

    [type = stock] AND [country = US] and [Daily EMA(20,Daily Volume) > 500000]

    //and [SCTR > 90]

    and [[TSI(4,7,9) x TSI Signal(4,7,9)]

    or [TSI Signal(4,7,9) x TSI(4,7,9)]]

    Quill -
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