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Rank by % Close is > or < EMA(X)

Trying to write a "Rank by" statement to "Rank by % Close is > or < EMA(X)" but can't seem to get the format correct .... assumed it would be

"RANK by [ Close - EMA(X) ] / EMA(X)" .... can anyone show me the correct format? .... Thanks ....


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2017
    Apparently the "rank by" statement was not programmed to handle complex conditions. I tried something complex, too, and got erratic results. I contacted support and they told me "rank by" is only meant to handle indicators, such as rank by SCTR or rank by ROC(63), or simple values, like rank by market cap, or rank by industry, but not conditions with operators and multiple terms.
  • Thanks markd
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