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PPO Question

I need to write a scan that tries to find the PPO line values greater than negative 1.5. In this case -2 is greater than -1. I think doing -1 is going to make it subtract 1 from whatever. Thanks for the help.

[today's ppo line (12,26,9)>-1.5]


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    Negative number are the opposite of positive numbers. The "larger" the number, the smaller the value. So, -2 is less than -1, and -3 is less than -2, etc. Going the other way, 0 is greater than - 1, and 1 is greater than 0, and 2 is greater than 1, and so on.

    So, your condition above will return hits if PPO Line is -1.4, -1.3, -1.2, 0, 1, 2.5, etc.

    But, if PPO Line for a stock is -1.6, or -2 or -3, it will not show up in your results list because all are less than -1.5.
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    So is the correct code [today's ppo line (12,26,9) < -1.5]
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2017
    Your syntax is correct. Try it both ways and see which gives you the results you want. When you look at the charts from your results, your chart style needs to include the PPO indicator with the same parameters as your scan.
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    Thanks it actually worked.
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