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Stock Options

I want to write a scan that looks for stocks on NYSE and NASDAQ that have stock options. What would the scan look like? Thanks


  • On the Advanced Scan Page, in the Scan Builder section, open the drop down called "Ticker Properties"

    Select the "exchange" option and click "Insert"

    If this will be the first line in your scan, edit the line that shows up in the Scan Criteria window to remove the work "and".

    Select the "exchange" option and click "Insert" again.

    This time, leave the word "and", but change "NYSE" to "NASD" (without quotation marks)

    From the same drop down, select the "optionable" and insert - no editing needed.

    If you run the scan with just these lines, you will get 999 hits. That is the maximum number hits the scan engine will return, so that normally means there are more hits that you can't see.

    So you might want to add another technical condition(s), or more properties, like "market cap".

    You should review the Chart School articles on building scans. This is a good place to start:
  • Thanks so much Mark
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