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Scan Summary

I usually scan for potential entries using several scan strategies. I scan them and couple all these responses all together into one new chart list.Then I watch at 15 second intervals to see the progress of each stock in this chart list. I then set the
refresh every 15seconds to see which picks are doing best. As I observe the list as the day progresses, I see which stocks are in the green an which ones are in the red. Now, the chart list has no comment column or ID column to tell me which scan strategy was most successful. What would it take for Stock Charts to add another column for the user to add notes...such as scan #1, RSI scan, Stoc Scan. etc..
Then as the 15 second refresh updates, one of the columns visible include my notes as to which scan strategy was most effective.


  • The chart list does have a comment window but it appears in 10 per page view, which does not have refresh. Refresh appears in Chart Workbench view, but the chart comments do not show up there.

    However, you can use the annotate tool to mark each chart for the scan type. Use the Aa - Note tool. You can adjust the font size. This does show up in workbench view.

    Alternatively, you can put the scan results in multiple lists and open multiple browser windows in a particular order so you know which is which.
  • Thanks Mark
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