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What am I doing wrong?

I'm not getting the results I'm expecting -

I've set my search criteria as:
[type is stock]
and [Country is US]
and [SMA(14,volume) > 500000]
and [Close > 5.00]
and [ATR (14) / Close > 0.01]
and [Close > SMA(200)]
and [RSI(3) < 3]

Yet, I'm getting results with stocks that have a RSI(3) in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Shouldn't these be filtered out?

What am I doing wrong?




  • I don't get that result.

    To verify the actual values you are getting for rsi(3), add this line to your scan:

    rank by rsi(3)

    You will see the rsi(3) values in the last column on the results page.

    When you verify on the charts, make sure your chart style includes the same indicator parameters as your scan.

    If that doesn't resolve the problem, attach a screen capture (on my browser, it's "save image as"), name the file, then use the "attach image" icon on the menu above this "leave a comment" box).
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