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is there a way to scan for all the stocks that gaped up or down this past week?


  • You could write a scan for a gap up today, and then use the calendar tool to run it for each day of the prior week. Each time you run the scan, you would merge the results into the same list. Then do the same for a gap down today, etc.

    Otherwise, if you want to run one scan once for gaps up, you could write a long "or" statement, looking for a gap up today, or a gap up 1 day ago, or 2 days ago, etc. You could do one scan for gaps up and another for gaps down, or if you want a challenge, put them both in one scan.

    A gap up today is

    and [low > 1day ago high]

    A gap down today is

    and [high < 1 day ago low]
  • thanks what is the calendar tool?
  • On the advanced scan workbench, above the scan criteria window, it says

    Starting 0 days before ....

    If you click on the "0", a calendar pops up. Click on the day you want the scan to look at.
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