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ETF's without SCTR rankings

I run a scan based on positive and negative trends using 2 weekly trend lines then sort for relative strength using SCTR rankings.
It seems as though there is a number of ETF's, especially inverse that doesn't have SCTR rankings yet. I've contacted
StockCharts but was told they only update the data base a couple times per year.
Please don't take this post wrong, this isn't a complaint. I'm interested to know if anyone has a solution.
Thanks in advance.


  • A reasonable, but not exact, substitute is ROC(). You have to choose a parameter for the ROC that is meaningful to you - it might be two weeks(10), or a month(21) or a quarter(63) or maybe something longer if you were using SCTRs. So, for instance, you could do

    rank by ROC(63)

    which would sort your list by the per cent change between today's close and the close 63 (daily) bars ago.
  • how do i rank all dow stocks by roc(63) , i used the rank by roc(63), its not returning any results
  • Select DOW30 from the Indexes and ETF drop down, edit out the "and", then the rank by statement

    [group is DOW30]

    rank by ROC(63)
  • Thank you Mark, you are awesome, appreciate all the service you do to the group of traders by answering the questions. May god bless you
  • Thanks for the kind words. I learn things, too, so it's fun.
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