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institutional stocks


I'm curious how does one know if a stock has institutional support ( by pensions, 401K or mutual funds, etc) ?

Is there an indicator to tell this or how does one determine this ? Thanks.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2017
    Well, if it's in the SP 500, 400 or 600, it's probably owned primarily by institutions. But if you want to know for any specific symbol, go to, enter the symbol, and find the cell for "Inst Own" - that will tell you the per cent of shares owned by institutions (for instance ABBV is 70.6% owned by institutions). If you want to know how many institutions own it and who are the top ten holder (institutions and mutual funds) go to the bottom of the Finviz page, click the Yahoo link, then click the "Holders" option on the menu under the closing price.
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