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Top 5 Losers Scan?

I'm trying to figure if there is a way to scan and find, say top 5 Dow 30 stocks that fell from their recent 10 day high the most?

So if in Excel I'd:

1. pull data for all 30 stocks
2. find highest price over last 10 days for each
3. compare the current price to that highest and find %
4. sort by highest %, select top 5

That would be too much daily work, of course... Is it possible anyhow to apply such scan in StockCharts?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2017
    When you say "top 5", what do you mean? Do you mean the highest priced, regardless of whether they are in an up trend, or do you mean the best performing? If you mean the best performing, over what period of time - a week, a month, a quarter, a year?

    Or do mean they made some kind of high in the last ten days and you want the ones that fell the most from that high?
  • Thanks for looking into it.

    If we look into universe of Dow 30 stocks, they've all made their unique highest highs (daily charts) over the last 10 days. Even in down trends there would still be 10 day highs.

    So the goal is to find 5 top stocks out of 30 that fell the most since its 10 day highs.

    Main idea: symbols that over last 10 days have lost the most on a percentage basis compared to their peers could be more likely to either rebound sharply or continue to fail faster than the peer group.

    Hope that answers!
  • Well, I think you could begin with a simple test for the ROC (rate of change) indicator.

    Choose a time frame in which you want to measure the per cent change - say, 10 days and rank the list by ROC


    [group is DOW30]

    rank by ROC(10)

    The worst performers in that time frame will be at the end of the list.

    If you wanted to test for a recent highest high, you would have to define - in code - what a recent highest high is. It would have to be the max high over some time period, and then you would probably need to test for a something lower before it, and something lower after it.
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