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How to display RSI column in scan results

Hi, I am new to scanning. I am trying to get RSI show up as one of the columns in the scan results. I have not found the answer in the videos or SCAN network. Thanks in advance for any helpful answer.

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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2017 Answer ✓
    Unfortunately, you cannot really customize the results page, except to exclude columns.

    However, you can get RSI values (or other indicators, but only one at a time) to display if you include a "rank by" statement in your scan. It MUST be the very last statement in your scan. It does NOT include the usual "and" in front of it. So, for instance:

    // begin scan
    [exchange is NYSE]
    and [RSI(14) > 80]

    rank by RSI(14)
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    Thank you. This will at least make it easier to search for lower or higher RSI.


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