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SCanning code- Help

DO you know how to structure the scan for the following criteria. Thanks in advance for your help.

Number of stocks up 25% plus in a quarter
Number of stocks down 25% + in a quarter

Number of stocks up 25% + in a month
Number of stocks down 25% + in a month


  • sorry i am new to
  • The scan engine returns only symbols, not numbers. However, on the scan results page, you do see a number that represents the number of hits for your scan.

    You could use the ROC( ) indicator to capture the per cent change over a period of time.

    For a month, you could use ROC(20) or 21. For a quarter, probably 63 or so.

    To construct the scan, use the drop downs on the Advanced Scan workbench. ROC is under the "Technical Indicators" drop down. You will have to edit the parameters and the constants.

    You may also want to limit the scan to the exchange or exchanges you are interested in. The exchange condition is under the "Ticker Properties" drop down. The acceptable parameters for designating an exchange are here:

    I strongly suggest investing a few hours in learning the scan process, starting here:

    Follow the links in any order that works best for you.

  • Thank you Mark, I will follow the links and start learning . have a great day
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