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HELP - access from Ireland suddenly stopped

I am a paid up member and full time user am stockcharts and depend on it a great deal.
Today - about one hour ago, the website became unreachable.
My internet connection is otherwise fine.
I have experienced similar issue once before some months ago - forget the details right now, but the problem seemed related to access to non-US access to I am currently trying to setup VPN to route access from within US. I am unable to request support via normal route because I need to login to do so!

I hope someone at stockcharts reads this and contacts me.
My email address is [email protected]
My telephone number is +353-87-6857973
Please contact me asap to help resolve this urgent issue.
Mike Cronin


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2017
    Hi Mike, markd here, a stockcharts subscriber in the US. I am having the same problem. The site times out when I try to get the login screen. The site is also unavailable from its Google link.

    You could try to contact them by email. On their replies to queries entered on the site, their email is [email protected]. I don't remember seeing a phone number on the site but maybe there is one. My guess is they are aware of the situation and working to resolve it. This situation did occur maybe a year or two years ago. I don't remember the cause, but I think it had to do with their ISP service. This forum is hosted separately, which is why it is not down also.
  • gordgord admin
    edited September 2017
    The best place to check during an issue like this is on their Facebook page.

    Appears the service provider (ISP) has a problem with the datacenter and they are working on getting it resolved ASAP.

    The other link you should bookmark is the Pingdom independent monitoring site.

    You should also check their Twitter account which will have the most up to date info. Appears road construction, probably a guy with a backhoe, has taken out both the main and backup fiber lines between StockCharts and the internet.

    These sites are useful when you are not sure whether the problem is at your end, the middle or actually at the StockCharts site.

    edit: you don't have to subscribe to read these links, you just won't be able to post comments without signing up.
  • @Gord, thanks for the links. Not on either one myself, so didn't think to check them. Someday I'll catch up with technology...
  • @markd, I'm with you, not online with social media right now. But these links allow you to read everything, you just can't post.
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