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Scans that involve weekly parameters.

All scanners should be aware that when using weekly parameters, Mondays are problematic for getting accurate results. Apparently, Mondays are read as part of the prior week, rather than the current week. The StockCharts developers have corroborated this issue. The current status is unresolved, as far as I know, as I haven't heard back from them.


  • Well, that's interesting. Results seem to be accurate if you set the run date to the previous last day of the week - so if it's Tuesday, set the calendar to the previous Friday.

    Are you saying, for instance, if you run a scan on Monday for close above 1 week ago high, meaning the high of the week ending last Friday, the results are not reliable?

  • Hi Markd, Below is my email conversation with Jack at SSC Support,

    "Hello again Jack,

    For the scan ###, I'm getting bad results for at least one line: [ This Weeks CCI(24) >= Last Weeks CCI(24) ].

    Since I'm here again, can you provide an update to the previous issues mentions in the below email? Same problems with this scan as well: Mondays seem to be considered as part of last week."

    On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 5:36 PM SCC Support wrote:
    Jack replied
    "Our development team​T​ observed the same thing. It's a bug.

    It has been added to their queue, and will be resolved as soon as possible, but I can't give you an estimate as to when that will be.

    For now, intraday scans for weekly data will not use the current Monday as the current weekly bar in scans. I apologize for the inconvenience."
  • @Scanning_Swan , thanks for that. Good to know.
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