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compare multiple securities to S&P 500

im wondering is there a way to scan multiple securities against the S&P at the same time or can it only be on at a time as in ex: (aapl:spx)



  • You can't scan directly for Price Performance (aapl:spx).

    Some alternatives:

    You could use a perfchart with selected symbols. See the link for instructions.

    Or, you could add $SPX to a list of symbols you are interested in, then scan for the list with a last statement "rank by ROC(?)". On the results page, stocks that appear above $SPX have outperformed. Example:

    // begin scan
    // purpose: find stocks outperforming the SP500
    // this list contains the symbol $SPX and some biotechs

    [favorites list is ???] // My Biotech list

    rank by ROC(?)

    // end scan

    You have to use the Chart Lists drop down on the Technical Scan Workbench to insert the list of your choice.

    You need to choose a time period parameter for ROC for comparing performance. A month would be 21, a quarter would be 63.

    You can save the list to a new list, or replace the existing list. Either way, check the "Preserve sort order" check box. That will number the results to keep everything in order.
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