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stock lows

Can anyone tell me a good chart for finding stocks that are hitting new lows? tia


  • Do you mean a scan?

    And what do you mean by "new" lows - annual lows, quarterly lows, monthly lows, etc. ?
  • yes scan, and any of the scans would work annual lows, monthly ect.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2017
    OK. So first you would choose what stocks to look at - index, sector, market cap, exchange, favorites list, whatever - from the drop downs - Ticker Properties, Indexes and ETFs, Sectors and Industries, Chartlists, etc.

    Then you have two choices.

    If you want every stock making a new low on the scan date, you would write

    and [close = min(?, close)]

    where "?" is the time frame you want - 251 is a year, 63 a quarter, 21 a month and so on.

    This could get the same stocks day after day. But, you are unlikely to miss any.

    If you want to catch only the first new low in some period of time, you want to catch a low (more accurate than a close) crossing below the lower price channel for the selected time frame. But first, you want to specify that the lower channel has not been crossed recently (in other words, the channel has been flat). So

    // check that the channel has been flat recently
    and [1 day Lower Price Chan(?) = ? days ago Lower Price Chan(?)]

    The "? days ago" might be 10 or 20 or maybe longer, depending on the time frame for the channel. You have to experiment

    Then check for the low crossing the channel

    // low crosses the Lower Price Channel
    and [1 day ago Lower Price Chan(?) x low]

    This will get the first instance of any stock hitting its low for the selected time frame, but ONLY for the first time in "? days ago" interval. It will not get stocks that are already below the channel and not rallying longer than the "? days ago" interval.

    Give it whirl.
  • I will see if I canmake it work, thank u
  • Thanks again, it works fine. One more question if you don't mind.
    How would I use a percentage in a scan? if I wanted to find all stocks up 5% this a.m. how would I write that?

    tia if you have the time to answer.
  • and [close > [1 day ago close] * 1.05]
  • I hate to ask this, but what if I wanted to find stocks 5 % lower? I tried to write it and I changed the > to < and I get all kinds of stocks. I also put in a max price of 16.00 and a low price of 7.00 but it ignores this part of the scan...
    AND [CLOSE <16.00]And [CLOSE >7.00]
    and [close < [1 day ago close ]* 1.05]
  • The multiplier would be .95 instead of 1.05.

    1.00 is one hundred per cent or equal, 1.01 would be one per cent greater, .99 would be one per cent less, and so on.

    I did get one stock that was 16.50, but the rest were 7 to 16. Not sure why that should be.

  • thx you Markd My putor has been down since last suday, just got it back on line or I would have thanked you sooner....
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