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Multiple MA on an Indicator

How do I put multiple MA on an indicator? For example how do you put a SMA 8 and WMA 21 on CCI?


  • You would add the indicator multiple times to you chart style.

    Navigate to workbench view of the any symbol (click on the chart in any other view). Select a current chart style.

    If the current chart style does not include your indicator start with "1." , otherwise, go to "2."

    1. Add the first instance

    Under "Indicators", choose the indicator you want in the first free box, with parameters (if any).
    Under "Position", choose whether the indicator goes above or below the chart.

    If you choose "Above", move your new entry to the top of the list, or just below the lowest indicator positioned "above" the chart.

    If your subscription allows, open Advanced Options
    Under "Overlay", select an option, e.g. Simple Moving Average
    Under "Parameters", enter the parameter(s), if any. You can customize the overlay color by adding a colon ":" and typing in a valid color choice (valid choices are in the "Color" drop downs) in the Parameters box, e.g. 50:green

    2. Add the second instance

    Now go the next free box under Indicators.
    Select the same indicator again with the same parameters (if any).
    If you positioned the first instance above the chart, move this second instance up the list directly under the first instance.
    Under "Position", select "Behind Ind."
    If you changed the "Size" from "Auto" for the first instance, change the "Size" identically for the second instance.
    Now choose an overlay and color from Advanced options again.

    Repeat as often as you need. Note you can experiment with "Size" for better clarity.

    Remember to Add New or Replace under "Chart Styles" to save your changes.

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this. Under "Position", select "Behind Ind." worked perfectly.

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