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scan return incorrect results

I created a scan in which I do not want the following 3 groups to be included, but the result of the scan only returns data for those 3 groups. What am I doing wrong?

this is the function I typed in:

and [ [group != Biotechnology] or [group != Pharmaceuticals] or [group != FinancialSector] ]

Thanks for your help!


  • Change "or" to "and".

    Biotech is not Pharmaceuticals, so it fits one of your "or" conditions (not Pharmaceuticals), so it's a hit.

    Same for the other two.

    Biotech is Biotech, so it violates one of your "and" conditions, so even if any other number of conditions is true, it won't be a hit because it violates that one "and" condition.

    So, ALL "and" conditions must be true to get a hit.

    But if you have a series of "or" conditions, only ONE has to be true to get a hit (provided all the "and" conditions in the same scan are also true).

    You can leave the syntax as is, or you can rewrite it:

    // previous things

    // exclude all these groups
    and [group != Biotechnology]
    and [group != Pharmaceuticals]
    and [group != FinancialSector]

    // next things

  • Hi Mark. I tried the exact code you have right above to exclude Biotech & pharma stocks but when i run my scan with that code, I get zero returns.
    Ant thoughts?
  • I got exclude to work by using "is not" instead of "!="

    and [group is not Biotechnology]
    and [group is not Pharmaceuticals]

    thanks and have a good weekend.
  • Yes, that does work. Thank you.
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