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What Unit is used in [Market Cap = #]. Is it in Thousands of dollars? Is there some reference page?

What about all the other indicators? Are any of them not the raw unit number. Is there some reference page on StockCharts that gives you all this information? Thanks for letting me post the question!

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    Here's the main documentation page for scanning. You can also access it under the menu option "Chart School".

    Follow the links on that page for specific topics.

    The scan syntax reference is here:

    Market cap is under "Ticker Properties".

    Market cap is in millions, so market cap > 200 is symbols with a market cap over 200 million dollars. But, when scanning for market cap don't use "market cap = ?" because you it's unlikely you will get a hit for any particular number you choose. Use a range, or an upper or lower limit, so like this:

    // a range
    and [market cap > 200]
    and [market cap < 10000]

    // a lower limit
    and [market cap > 500]

    // an upper limit
    and [market cap < 50000]


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