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Breakout retest scan?

Any ideas? Looking for a breakout (ideally on double vol for the breakout day at least) of 40 to 100 day timeframe and a retest of that breakout within 15 to 100 days. Thanks in advance!


  • Using scans to capture events in a range is tough. Pretty hard to do in one scan. Not sure you can do the second part at all.

    The first part is easy if you choose a specific channel length - close above one day ago Upper Price Chan of whatever length and volume more than 2x say the monthly (21 day) average. You could put those results in a list (merge new results to list each time you run the scan).

    The retracement is something else. You would run it against the results of the first scan at a later date, unless you back date the first scan to some weeks before. You could do something like Middle Price Chan greater than x days ago Upper Price Chan (the one that got crossed) and low < MPC, or use the Lower Price Chan.

    Just ideas.
  • Thanks Markd thats kind of what I was thinking, the retest is the difficult part to scan for unless someone is seriously good at if then's maybe
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