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Gallery view issues

Apparently I am not going to be getting any help from the folks at SC, so I am turning here...

I have a couple of chart lists saved. If I pull up one of them and view the list using Gallery view, the PnF chart is being scaled using the percentage method as opposed to traditional scaling. If I simply type in a stock ticker at the start and choose Gallery view, this is not the case - the PnF chart is scaled using the traditional method.

So.... two questions... why is the PnF chart scaling by percent in my chart lists (my default is NOT a percentage method) and how do I get the PnF chart to revert back to traditional scaling for my chart lists? I would rather not have to type in each ticker but would prefer to scroll through the list if possible.


  • Sounds like you have your P&F default setting as percent scaling, just change the default to whatever you like.

    Here's a starting point for the settings under gallery view.
  • Actually I did finally get some help from SC. That was actually their first suggestion but that is not the case. I have a default setting (actually for all charts in my list) of traditional scaling and closing price only. In gallery view, it still defaults back to percentage scaling. I have sent screen shots to their developers as no one believed me.
  • gordgord admin
    edited October 2017
    I did a little playing around and all worked fine in my normal FireFox browser.

    Then tried Internet Explorer, (which I never use), single P&F chart showed up as Traditional, but when I opened a chartlist in Galleryview the P&F section showed up as Percentage.

    To reset my default P&F view, I just opened a P&F chart, changed the settings to something else, saved as default, then changed it back to Traditional and saved as default. Then opened a chartlist in Galleryview and the P&F section is now in Traditional.

    Guessing something in the local browser cookies perhaps that had not picked up my default, or perhaps I just never saved it as a default in the IE browser.

    Give it a try and see if it works.
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