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Moving average fan

I am trying to do a moving average fan and it does not seem to be working.

[type is stock]
and [country is CANADA]
AND [today's sma(3,close)>today's sma(6,close)>today's sma(18,close)>today's sma(50,close)>today's sma(100,close)>today's sma(200,close)]

Syntax seems to be OK

I keep getting this message: The Scan Engine is taking too long to return your results. Please try again later.

My other scans are returning results.

Is there another way to portray this scan?



  • Although the syntax checker is pretty good, it doesn't catch everything. I don't think you can have more than one comparison operator ( > ) within one pair of brackets [ ]. You could try re-writing the scan with a separate line for for every pair. So,

    and [sma(3, close) > sma(6, close)]
    and [sma(6, close) > sma(18, close)]
    ... etc.
  • Just tried this and it works nicely.

    Thanks for the guidance!!
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