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price over sma's


I am very new to creating scans and would love it if someone would help me in the right direction. I tried doing a search but didn't find anything that would point me the right way.

What I want to create is a scan that would tell me on a daily chart when price closes above not only the 10 SMA but the 50 SMA as well. So, to be clear I only want stocks to show up in a scan the first time that price closes above both moving averages, if price closes below one of them at any time, then that stock doesn't show up in the scan. It does not matter to me if the 10 is below the 50, only price closing above both averages. Obviously there is more to my trading methodology but this is the first and integral part of it for me. I will build more blocks as I learn how to code each step.

This leads me to another question. If the above can be created then could you also create an intraday scan in the same way using a 1 hour chart?



  • The "close above" operator is "x". Using this symbol is the same as writing out some value yesterday was below/today is above some other value.

    So in your scan you would write

    and [ close x sma(10, close) ]

    Then the same thing for the 50 sma.

    You can not scan for intraday data, like hourly or five minutes, etc. You can run your daily scan during market hours. When you do that, it treats the most recent update as the market close, so if the close of the most recent intraday bar crosses the daily sma as of the current bar, it would be a hit.

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