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Scrolling through an intraday chart

I have set up for example a 2 minute intraday chart, range:fill the chart, Bar:9, gap:3. I do it this way so that I can easily see the bars. My problem is that I can only see a section of the day, ie 1 pm to close. Is there a way to somehow scroll this chart so that I can see the open for the day? Without shrinking it back to erase my zoomed settings?


  • A couple of options, if your subscription allows:

    Create alternate chart styles that allow you to see the entire day, or more than one day on one chart. Switching between chart styles is pretty quick, or, you can keep two browser windows open, each with a different style and switch between windows - or if your browser has an add-on that allows tiling, you can display both on the same screen, assuming you are using a desktop device.

    Another option is enlarge your chart size to 2500, or a custom size, so the whole day is on the chart. You can see only part of the chart on screen, but you can use the window sliders to scroll backwards/forward/up/down.
  • Thanks, I increased the size of the chart, seems to show the full day clearer and complete. Thanks.
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