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Do we want a section for member scans?

I have always thought that perhaps we should have an area where members could "Donate" scans if they chose to do so. I'm not talking about give away the farm scans but scans that will help members as far as seeing code in progress. Just thought I would bounce this idea off of the group.
aka Trade_to_Live


  • I like the idea but it seems early on that we were told this is a Questions forum rather than a Share Your Ideas Forum...In fact every topic has to be phrased as a question.
  • I remember that, Sharptraders. The new format kind of lends itself to RayB's idea, though. There is a category now for "Trading Strategies", I notice. Why not use that?
  • I guess so...on another note tho this format is not very good imo
  • The new format is the reason I brought it up....seems a perfect fit.....Peace
  • An important concept that I finally learned well is that everybody has different goals, time frames, expectations, risk tolerances, favorite indicators, etc. So, scans that work well for someone could easily be horrible for someone else. Maybe there should be a disclaimer to this affect if something like this gets underway.
  • Kevo...I think that is understood...Doug
  • I posted one in the Trading Stategies section.....looks like the new s.c.a.n. page isn't as popular as the old s.c.a.n. page
  • RayB...I don't see your scan in Tading Strategies...Doug
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