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MACD crossover Bullish

Dear Sirs,
I have question. I use Your Predifined Scan "MACD Crossover" for choosing my trading candidates. Your scans include the stocks (tickers) with the price above the 200SMA and below the 200SMA as well. Can I use both for goin LONG? Because I See in the text of Arthur Hill, March, 18, 2017 "Ignoring Signals is the first step to taking Signals- How well do you know MACD and the most remarkable in this text is: "Consider BULLISH signal line crossovers when price is above the -day moving average and MACD is near the zero Line. I understand this very well but this always means: those candidates only are worth or profitable to GO LONG?? Thus prices need to be above the 200 SMA???
I must remark that in your scans there are more than one candidate with good targets with good opportunities, when prices are beneath the 200SMA.
Can You answer this question.
Jean Damiaens,


  • Hi Jean, this is a site for users only to ask questions of, or discuss topics with, other users, NOT Stockcharts staff or contributors.

    If you would like to ask a question of a contributor like Arthur Hill, you could use the "Comments" section that follows each new blog article.

    Arthur's latest is here. The comment link is at the very bottom of the page.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2017
    I guess I would comment, if you are having success with MACD signals below the 200 MA, then trade them until they stop working. We are in a fairly strong bull market, so pretty much any bullish signal is working out. In slower markets, the odds are probably better above the 200 MA than below, unless: the buying above the 200 MA has lost momentum and you are seeing lower highs/lower lows; or, the selling below the 200 MA has lost momentum and you start to see higher lows and higher highs.
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