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Several Ticker Properties in a scan

I would like to have one scan that could search for a few different Ticker properties and return the results for a single .csv file.
I tried this:

[type = fund]
and [Close > 50]
and [Chande Trend Meter > 50]
and [favorites list is 1] // FIDELITY FUNDS

and [type is stock]
and [Close > 50]
and [Chande Trend Meter > 50]
and [favorites list is 3] // FOREIGN SYMBOLS

rank by [Chande Trend Meter]

Of course the scan results for this scan are a big fat zero.
I tried enclosing each ticker property section with brackets, but the syntax checker barks at me.
Is this sort of scan possible? I'm not even sure where to look for this in the scan examples.

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2017
    You could run this as two different scans (why not?), or, you could connect the two different types of equities with an "or" statement.

    Note that if you are specifying a list, you don't need to specify the "type", unless you have mixed types in the same list.

    Also, you are using the same price/technical conditions twice, so you only need to state them once.

    Assuming you didn't mix types, you could re-write it this way:

    // begin scan

    // specify universe (lists)
    [favorites list is 1] // FIDELITY FUNDS


    [favorites list is 3] // FOREIGN SYMBOLS

    // specify hit conditions (price/technical indicator values)
    and [Close > 50]
    and [Chande Trend Meter > 50]

    // sort results page
    rank by [Chande Trend Meter]

    // end scan

    The reason you got zero results is because your original code asks for symbols that are in both lists - not one or the other, but both. Probably, there aren't any. In the revised scan, the "or" statement requires a symbol to be in only one list OR the other.

    The "or" operator is explained here, about 2/3 down the page:
  • Thanks markd. It worked perfectly. I was running 2scans, but I had to download and process 2 .csv files with my Excel macro. The macro was giving me some grief, and the simple solution was to process 1 file. I'm in the process of learning VBA and the Stockcharts scan. Thanks for the link. It helped.
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