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Listing Multiple saved lists of stocks to be scanned together.

How do you add more than one saved list of stocks to scanning criteria-so all stocks within multiple saved lists are scanned at the same time?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2017
    Select all the lists you want to include from the "Chartlists" drop down on the advanced scan page.

    They will appear at the bottom of your scan window (if you already have other statements in the scan), but they belong at the top (scan runs faster).

    Copy and paste all the list names from the bottom of the scan to the top, so they come first.

    You will connect them all together with brackets and "or" operators. You need an opening bracket before the very first list, and a closing bracket after the very last list. Then you need an "or" operator in front of every favorites list EXCEPT the first one.


    // begin scan

    // list of stocks to scan

    [ // opening "or" statement bracket

    [favorites list is first one] // no "or" in front of the first one

    or [favorites list is next one]

    or [favorites list is next one]

    // ... and so on until the last one

    or [favorites list is last one]

    ] // closing "or" statement bracket

    // sure fire indicator values to search for

    ... whatever you want

    // end scan
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    Thank you for your very fast reply. I tried the above & works fine. My problem was that I was using double brackets around both ends after connecting the two scan lists with an or.
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