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Anyone use Gallery Charts? ... they have so much potential, but look like crap.

How can I get all 4 charts to show on ONE screen view? .... For examples, I want a) 4 different views in Daily timeframe (different opinions) ... and/or b) 4 views of different timeframes, 60 min, daily, weekly, etc.

The point/figure chart is HUGE, and I don't even want it !!! ... Please help me get rid of it ...


  • The only customization available for Gallery View is the choice of chart style for each time frame (in other words, which indicators, overlays and color schemes you want). Period. The time frames themselves are not customizable - meaning, you can't have four intraday charts in Gallery View. The size of the P&F chart varies according to price behavior in the calendar period covered by the chart. If price hasn't moved much, it's much smaller. But, sounds like you shouldn't bother with Gallery view, although many other users like it a lot. It's not going to do what you want. You might be able to get an add-on for your browser that will tile windows. Then you can open up multiple windows with the same chart in different styles from different lists. More work, but possible.
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