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What is the Best Way to Find Sectors and Industries that are "In Favor" and "Out of Favor" ?

What is the best way to find Indexes, Sectors and Industries that are "In Favor" or are coming into "Favor" or are "Out of Favor" or are going "Out of Favor" ?


  • I'm not sure about the best way, but here's one way. If you have the sectors in a list, and/or the industries in a list, you could add your preferred index - e.g., $SPX or $NDX to each list, then write a "rank by" scan using a momentum indicator of some meaningful duration, e.g, a month or a quarter - maybe rank by ROC(21) or rank by ROC(63). Those doing better than the index - above the index on the results page - are more likely to be "in favor", and those beneath out of favor. To determine which way they are going, you would have to have a good memory, or download the results, maybe to a spreadsheet.
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