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scanning accuracy

I run a weekly scan on Friday after the market closes that includes [PctChange,3,weekly close) >= 3.0]. I recently noticed that XLK(technology etf) didn't show up on the scan even though when you looked at the daily chart that Friday after the market closed its 3 wk pct. change of the close was greater than 4%.
I kept rerunning the scan over the weekend, on Monday morning and after the market closed on Monday. The scan only became accurate after the Market closed on Monday.
What is going on here? You would think that if you run a weekly scan after the market closes on Friday that the results would be accurate.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2017
    I think that's a reported bug. There was a similar question on s.c.a.n. earlier, but I can't find it. You could check with Support (include scan).

    What would happen if you ran the scan after the Friday close in the daily time frame, e.g. PctChange(15, close) ? If there were a holiday in the three week period, the parameter would be 14.

    P.S. Found it. Here's the previous question:
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