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Is it possible to get accumulation/distribution expressed as +5 to -5? rather than a graph?

I would like to get accumulation/distribution expressed as a range, i.e. from +5 to -5. And relative strength numerically with a separate column for change. I'm relatively new to StockCharts, so the answer may be obvious or impossible. Thanks.


  • All available chart indicators and overlays are in the drop downs on the Chart Workbench. These are explained in the relevant sections of Chart School.

    To answer your question directly, except for parameters, indicators and overlays cannot be customized, so it is not possible to do what you want. However, with the appropriate subscription level, you can upload your own indicator data and have it plotted on a chart.
  • Piotzar,

    I use +DI25 -DI25 scan which almost lines up with the Aroon UP 25 Down 25.

    //Scan 104 - plus DI 25 xover minus DI 25 - North
    type = stock] AND [country = US]
    //and [SCTR > 90]
    and [ema(20,volume) > 500000]
    and [Plus DI(25) x Minus DI(25)]
    and [Close > 7.0]

    //Scan 30-AA New uptrend Aroon UP
    //Stocks in a New Uptrend (Aroon) UP up and over Down
    and [country is US]
    and[Close > 6.0]
    and [Daily SMA(50,Daily Volume) > 500000]
    and [aroon osc x 0]
    and [yesterday's aroon osc <= 0]

    Found 25 with the Aroon scanning tool.

    I simply buy at the Xover and sell between 3 and 5 dollars or 2.5% profit and out as a Retail Trader.

    I review all findings with

    Panel One - price history Exp moving average 50, Exp moving average 13 using only OHLC bars
    Panel Two - volume
    Panel Three- Aroon UP 25 Down 25
    Panel Four - Aroon Oscillator 25, click the negative Value Color box to red, Yellow for Plot color
    Panel Five - Directional Movement (+DI -DI).

    Save the chart.

    Just a thought and ponder,

    Quill- a Retail Trader
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