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viewing all selected charts on one page

Is there a way of viewing say 9 different charts on one page? I am able to do this through a widget supplied by tradingview ie I would like to view this list of stockcharts one one page. Thanks.


  • In my browser (Firefox), Candleglance view allows 30 charts per page (not per screen - per browser page). Not sure if the number is browser related. You can use the standard views, 2 days, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year and two P&F styles. For the bar charts you can add one of 26 indicators, or you can create a custom style with several indicators and/or overlays. The charts are relatively small, but clear. The standard chart size allows about 20 on the screen at a time (but that would depend on screen resolution)

    There is also a 10 per page view which displays 10 "full size" charts per browser page. You can customize the size of the chart. One per screen is probably most convenient, although some users like much larger charts. You can scroll down to see ten charts without having to refresh the screen.
  • I appreciate your help I can get 12 charts on candleview seems the maximum with firefox or chrome. AmI missing something?$SSEC,$WLSH,$COMPQ,$INDU,$RUT,$SPX,$OEXA200R,MTUM,ACWI,$TRAN,XLF,$DAX,$ftse trys at more than 12 doesn't work. How do I access the 10/page view to adjust size? Thanks much for your help.
  • Please disregard last post. I found the instruction videos.
  • It seems you are using the free charts. Do you have a subscription?

    If you do, you can build your own lists and save them. A list can hold up to 500 symbols. The number of lists available depends on your subscription level. See the sign up page for specifics.
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