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How to specify the weekly value for CTM in scan

I want to have my scan return the weekly value for the Chande Trend Meter, but I haven't been able to figure it out after researching and testing different statements. My scan commands are:

[favorites list is 1] //My list of Mutual Funds

and [weekly Chande Trend Meter] // I tried this the first time, but returns daily CTM value for Fridays
and [weekly Chande Trend Meter>5 ] // I did this to give the CTM a hit indication, and also returns daily CTM value for Fridays

rank by [Chande Trend Meter]

When I look at the SharpChart CTM value for FBIOX on November 3, I get:
Daily - CTM = 48.74
Weekly - CTM = 71.48

The weekly SharpChart CTM value is what I'm seeking for the scan output.

In the same scan, is it possible to return the slope value for each ticker on the same scan result so that I can download the .csv file with both CTM & Slope values?
Do I need to run a separate scan to get the slope value?

I appreciate the help and patience for a new scan user.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2017
    Did you try rank by weekly Chande Trend Meter? Without the "weekly" modifier, the scan engine uses "daily" as the default.

    Just one value at a time. You would have to merge the .csv data (after sorting both files alpha on symbol).
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    No, but I do now. Thanks for the tip Markd!
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