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Scanning for the EMA of the RSI

My basic chart includes the RSI and a moving average of the RSI. Visually, it usually gives me a quick grasp of the flow and direction of the RSI.
How do I scan for either the slope of the moving average or today's ema of rsi > yesterdays ema of rsi


  • The scan engine returns only symbols, so you can't query for a numeric value for slope for some symbol.

    However, you can scan for symbols that have a slope of some value you specify. For instance,

    and [slope(20, RSI(20)) > 0]

    would get symbols where the 20 day slope of RSI 20 is positive.

    The documentation for slope doesn't indicate that it takes an expression (RSI in this case) but the example scans show that it does.

    The documentation for ema shows that it does take an expression, so can just substitute any indicator

    and [ema(20, RSI(21)) > 1 day ema(20, RSI(21))]

    In both cases, notice the double set of parentheses, one set for each indicator. If you don't include them both, the syntax checker will give you an error.

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    Thanks so much! oops. That is scanning for the slope of the RSI, not the ema of the RSI, but it got me on the right track, What I was looking for was something like
    - - and [slope(4, weekly ema(12,RSI(20))) > 0]
  • Might work, but it needs some edits - "weekly" has to modify every term. So,

    and [weekly slope(4, weekly ema(12, weekly RSI(20))) > 0]
  • Thanks again!
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