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The sharp charts in IE - 11 is very crispy but in chrome it is blurry. How to have rectify this?


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    You should email Support. I think they would want to know this. Let them know when it started, or whether it has been this way for a while. Maybe an update to Chrome caused the problem.
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    Untill [couple years back] Windows 10 released I never used Chrome or FireFox.

    Now everybody is migrating to these. But I find it hard to use these most favored browsers, because their poor user friendliness. I love IE - 11. it is very good for StocksCharts web site.

    Now Firebox has included the IE type menu bars for savings, print preview..etc. The chrome is popular but not as friendly.

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    The Stockchart support team is now dead. That is why I am searching this SCAN.

    It is frustrating. Even for basic things like the charting they are not helping. At the least they should have explanation about what they are doing about this.
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    I put the same chart up in both browsers and don't see a difference. I wonder if you have add-ons in either browser that might affect the quality of the graphics?
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    I have no or very minimal Add Ons in Firefox. Still the quality of the chart is much poor than in Internet explorer
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    Well, I guess the question is, is the source of the difference from Stockcharts or is it something about your set up.

    If the source is Stockcharts, then you should see the same problem on a different device that accesses the internet from a different ISP connection than your own. Maybe try it out on a friend's device, or one at the library, if you have that in your area.

    As I mentioned earlier, I don't see a difference on my set up, but that's not necessarily conclusive.

    You might also experiment with screen resolution - If you are using a very low resolution (everything on the screen looks big) that might explain the difference. For instance, mine is 1400 x 1050, which is a little small, so maybe that's why I don't see the difference.

    You could also play with the chart size on Stockcharts to see if that makes a difference.
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