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Thick Indicator Overlay Lines + Upside Margin on Price Charts + Zoom in using minute charts

Hi all,

Three questions.
1-is there a way to make the indicator overlay lines thicker?
e.g. RSI(14) and its 63MA displayed, or a Horizontal Line on over RSI - I can make the line dashed, change its color (30:Black:Dashed) but I can't find a way to make this line thicker, like 30:Black:Thick. It is probably a keyword thing that I am missing.

2-How can I create room on the upside (or downside) of a price chart? Something similar to extra bars feature but for the up and downside
3-Is there a way to zoom in more when using minute charts e.g. 5 min chart zoomed in to 5 hours etc. Currently I can only get down to 1 full trading day.

Thanks in advance


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    1 - For some reason, the otherwise very thorough documentation of the Sharp charts workbench omits mention of the Overlay and Parameter features for indicators. Maybe @gord would know this.

    2 - there is a previous entry on this but I can't find it. Again, I think it was gord's answer and it had to do with using Price (same scale) under overlays, using a symbol with similar but wider price range and making that symbol invisible.

    3 - as far as I know, we are stuck with 1 full trading day on the intraday charts.
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    Once again thanks @markd - I hope @gord can chime in here.
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    I don't know of any way to make the overlay lines thicker or darker. This is the first time I've heard of anyone having a problem with this, perhaps there are some settings you could adjust on your monitor or browser to change the contrast.

    As far as scaling the charts they are auto scaled to match the data being plotted for the time range of the chart. However there are a few ways you can force a larger scale for a particular chart, if you really need to.

    1) Use the price same scale overlay and add another symbol which has a price higher than your main stock. Then set the style to something other than auto and set the opacity to "0", which will make it invisible.

    Example of SPY, which I added NOC to add more space above the chart. Note I've left it as dots and a low opacity in this case just so you can see how it works.

    2) If you have an extra membership or higher you can create a custom index and plot that as price same scale. Just enter two values for two days, one for the lower and one for the upper value. Example, note my custom index is @test, yours is probably the default @MyIndex. In this case I used a close of 200 and 300 to force a larger scale.

    3) You can also add the OBV indicator above and below the chart to give you more room, however you won't have any scale with this one.

    Hopefully one of these methods will help.
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    @gord - both methods you suggested works fine and it helps a lot thanks.

    Just as a feedback, the second method looses the vertical limits set when I change the Start time using the slider (Select Start/End Range). When I click Update, vertical limits are set properly again so no big deal. I am guessing this is because all other Range methods requires the user to update the chart whereas the Select Start/End Range slider updates the chart automatically but not the overlays.

    As for my first point, I can see the lines ok. I was just curious if there was a way/keyword to do that (e.g. 30:Red:SolidThick) or not.
    It would be very useful (at least to me) in cases where I have multiple overlays over an indicator (e.g. I have RSI + 3 EMAs of that RSI + 2 Horizontal Lines in addition to 30-50-70).


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