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Users Manual

I'd like to see some kind of users manual for this new system.

Things I would like to know;

How to find other users. (If I want to send a message to a certain member I have to find a recent post to access his profile)

How to get hold of Admin. (Same as above)


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    Hi BobV, this may not be the answers you are looking for, but here goes: the way I find other users is by going to activity at the top and scrolling until I find someone I am looking for. The best place is the Leader's column on the left. Admins have not enabled a user directory.

    The best way to get a hold of admin is by sending a message to Gord. Also, you or BobS recently made a post asking for a search feature, and viola admin enabled it. So try a new post if needed.

    The best way to learn this system, in my opinion, is to experiment and click all the links. It is not hard to figure out.

    I did find this site that has documentation. It may be more than you need:

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