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Tensil Strength,Gattis, posting of Fidelity * Stock changes

When does Tensil Strength, Gattis, post the Fidelity starred * changes from Fidelity ?


  • No dates given. I replied to Mr. Gattis Rose's Seminar promo to just ask this, and asked via email, but no answer to either.
  • It seems to me you get an update once quarterly and you have to down load it. The third quarter down load was available October 20.

    Here's from the product description:

    "This ChartPack is an organization of over 90 ChartLists, most pre-populated with essential indexes, ETFs and equities. The bottom line is that over 1,000 preformatted charts, representing hundreds of hours of physical inputting, will allow you to optimize your time and maximize your analysis. The quarterly updates of the Fidelity Sector Funds most recent buys and sells alone will produce potent investment ideas for your consideration.

    Am I missing something?
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