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chart creation

stockcharts has the symbols $nya50r,$nya150r,and $bpnya.So I can get sharp charts,and P&F charts for these symbols.. How would I construct the same charts the symbols $sml(s&P600) and $mid(S&P400)? I am aware of the symbols !gt50sml,!gt200sml,(for example)but I want simple moving averages,Not exponential m.a. I have e-mailed support,but have had no response. I am surprised these symbols do not exist,although, or I might have missed them.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2017
    I'm pretty sure Stockcharts provides all the indexes supplied by their data vendors (which begin with "$") and they also provide indexes created by a service called Decisionpoint (begin with "!") which merged with Stockcharts a few years ago. So the specific indexes you are hoping to find probably don't exist.

    If you want to do the work, it would be easy enough to create and maintain them yourself. To find the number of stocks in the SP400 or 600 above their 50 MAs, you could run a scan, enter the results (the number of symbols found) in a csv file and upload it to your Stockcharts account.
  • markd,thanks for your quick response. I have in fact done the very scan that you have mentioned. The daily scan you suggest would do it. However It would take a long time to accumulmate the daily data. That is doing it day by day to generate the daily data to create the chart.I do have a pro subscription so I could get the user- data charted that way. I would have to use some kind of macro which I don't know how to do.Do you have any thoughts as to who I can contact at the support group? They don't seem to be to quick to respond. If they can do $nya50r,they should be able to do $smla50r. Once again,thanks for your quick response.
  • I don't think SC "does" data - they buy it from vendors. If no vendor is doing it, they don't have it.

    It wouldn't take too long for you to compile the data with a scan. You can use the calendar widget to back data your scans and run them one right after the other. Maybe an hour for three months or so to get started, then 3 or 4 minutes daily, I would guess.

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