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printing charts

I'm having a problem printing out a chart, when I get to the last page it has the save high lighted instead of print..
anyone having this problem and how do i fix it?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2017
    Going to need more detail, as there is more than one way to print a chart.

    Are you using the "Print" option on the menu under the chart on the Chart Workbench, or are you using "File/Print" from your browser menu, or something else?

    If you can list everything you click on to print the chart and which click gives you the problem, that would help.

    If you know how to do a screen capture (using the "Snipping Tool" in Windows, maybe on the start menu, or maybe in Accessories, depending on your version) that would be even better.

    Here's an old link on printing from the workbench:

  • Ok Mark thank you for helping, I right click next to the chart and that brings up back, reload, print and save as.
    I click print and it brings up thwe chart but no longer has the print buton highlighted, on the save. I've always done it this way but now the print button is no longer highlighted, only the save???
  • I don't get those options on Firefox or Internet Explorer on a Windows PC.

    It's possible some setting on your browser changed with an update to the browser. But look around the page some more - maybe there is a print icon now instead of a menu option - who knows.

    I would suggest viewing your chart list in Chart Workbench and using the Print link below the chart. It's simple and it works. There are arrows at the top of the page to step through each chart in the list, or you can select any chart from the drop down.

    If you want to continue to print from the browser, see if there is a "Print Preview" option under the browser's "File" menu - probably at the top left. A screen will come up with one or more charts displayed (scroll down to see all the charts, or select how many to view, it depends on the browser). When you click Print in Print Preview mode, you can print all the charts, or enter the page number(s) of the chart(s) you want to print.
  • thanks Mark, I do use the print link below the chart. I click it it brings up another chart of the same thing, then I hit the print button which sends me to another page with the chart but the save button is highlighted instead of the print. crazy...
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2017
    I can't make it do that.

    Do you have an Apple or a Windows PC? and what browser? Firefox, Chrome, IE?

    Here's what mine looks like (I've moved the windows around).

    This is Firefox on Windows 7. Hitting Print on the back window brings up the middle window. Hitting Print on the middle window brings up the top (small) window. The last step to print would be to hit OK on the small window.

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