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Does anybody here use Macd 3,10,16 on hourly charts?

I started a discussion in the old S.C.A.N. about the merits of Macd 3,10,16 and learned a lot through that discussion.
Recently I have been exploring the use of Macd 3,10,16 on hourly charts with 3X ETFs (TZA at the moment).
I was wondering whether anybody here has experience with using Macd 3,10,16 on hourly charts.
I am also interested in any experience you have in using Macd 3,10,16 to trade 3X ETFs.


  • Here is something I learned finally: I figured that using faster/shorter parameters in MACD like 3,9,12 or 6,13,5 (12,26,9 divided by 2) would help me catch an early entry or exit signal. What I finally learned is that I was the only one watching this. So, if only one person gets the signal out of everyone else, how useful is that? Not useful at all. I stick with the published parameters: 12,26,9 and 5,35,5. This is what the majority of people use.
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