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volume scan

i want a volume scan to use throught the day. that catches stocks with increase volume for that day.. also have a question about macd crossover scan ..does it find stocks in a 5 min time frame..or daily crossover...trying to catch breakout stocks that move for daytrading


  • SC doesn't have scanning for intraday time frames (hours, minutes), so you can't do the MACD thing.

    You can do the volume thing because the scan engine treats the most recent intraday data update as the day's close. Data updates occur every couple of minutes or so, maybe more often. So, if you do

    and [volume > 1 day ago volume]

    it ought to work. I don't know if it will work well, since so much volume is concentrated in the first and last hour, it may not give you a chance to trade intraday. But worth a try!
  • thank u..ill try it out..
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